Employee Happiness – How important is it to you and your business?


Happy employees are key for a business to thrive. There are many ways to achieve content, motivated and engaged employees. Unum (one of the UK’s leading financial protection insurers) has suggested 30 ways to make your employees happier, some of which have been summarised below:

Working Environment

Try to keep the office spaces light with plenty of fresh air, as dull and dreary office environments can result in demotivation.

Make sure the workplace is somewhere employees enjoy (or at least don’t dread) coming to. Aim to create a productive yet enjoyable atmosphere.

Ensure employees have everything they need to excel. If they have the tools they require to accomplish their goals, it will go a long way in keeping them engaged and motivated.

Goals and Rewards

Whether it is a birthday, a work anniversary or an engagement, celebrate events that mean something to your employees.

Keep staff engaged by coming together to set individual, as well as company-wide goals. Working towards goals will keep them motivated and be beneficial to all involved.

Incentives such as bonuses and dress down Fridays can help boost moral, whist offering employee benefits such as Private Health Insurance helps to show employees they you care about their wellbeing.

Lightening The Mood

Away days allow employees to leave their desk an take time to enjoy themselves, bond with colleagues and do something different.

Every now and again allow employees to leave early on a Friday-a small gesture can make all the difference.

Management Tips

Encourage employees to take the holiday allowance given to them.

Show your staff the value in their work. Everyone wants to feel that their work has a higher purpose so make sure to point it out every once in a while.

Deal with issues in morale. Whatever the problem, address it quickly and handle situations professionally.

As an employer , you should ensure all your management have had appropriate training. Pay attention to line managers and their relationships with their team as this can impact heavily on performance and happiness.

The Team

Train employees in positive thinking. Both in and outside of the office, this can reduce stress and creates a clearer, happier outlook.

Where possible, allow your employees to be in charge of their own workload. This should increase engagement as most people desire a degree of freedom and constantly being told what to do can grind us down and cause us to become unmotivated.

Set up internal networking events to help employees build contacts within the company and learn more about how it operates. If an employee gets to know colleagues and the way of the business then they will feel more involved.

The Individual

Encourage employees to work to their strengths and offer them training courses or workshops to further develop skills they feel they have.

Being underpaid often results in resentment and unhappiness. For employees to be content and productive they should not be paid less then they are worth.

Ask your staff what motivates them. Have conversations about what they want to see happen in the company and what they need to make their jobs easier.

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