Are you eligible for a flu jab this year?


The flu vaccination is available every year on the NHS to protect vulnerable adults and children at risk of flu and its complications. It is recommended that those who are aged 65 and over, women who are pregnant, children and adults with an underlying

One in three people born in the UK in 2015 could get dementia


This time last year, Laura of SJA International took part in the Bristol Half Marathon raising essential funds for The Alzheimer's Society. One year on, Alzheimer's Research UK has released an alarming statement highlighting that one in three people

Call to punish GPs who over-prescribe antibiotics


A leading figure from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has stated that 10 million prescriptions a year in England are inappropriate and unnecessary. He also argued that 'soft-touch' and 'hazardous' doctors should be disciplined for

Dementia research boosted by surge in volunteers


The BBC has today reported that there has been a surge in the number of people volunteering to help with medical research into dementia. The Alzheimer's Society stated that volunteers taking part in studies are an essential part of working towards

Are you doing enough for your employee’s health and wellbeing?


A pro-active approach to employee health and wellbeing is a must for modern businesses. It is now essential to adapt working practices and environments and develop health and wellbeing initiatives to support the changing needs of today's workforce. Staff

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