Are you doing enough for your employee’s health and wellbeing?

6 August 2015

A pro-active approach to employee health and wellbeing is a must for modern businesses. It is now essential to adapt working practices and environments and develop health and wellbeing initiatives to support the changing needs of today’s workforce.

Staff absences can have a significant impact on businesses, with many employers having no policies in place to deal with it. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), only one in six organisations has a strategy in place to help their employees achieve a better balance between their home and working lives.

Aviva has conducted two surveys involving over 1,000 UK employees and over 500 employers.

43% of employees have been on long-term sick leave (for over two weeks) with 33% saying they were off work due to stress or mental health problems.

Aviva’s research has highlighted that among those employers who said that sick leave had become less of an issue (16%), more than one third said they believed this was due to encouraging their staff to lead healthier lifestyles (35%).

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