Do you have too much sugar in your diet?

21 April 2015

According to the British Medical Journal, too much sugar is linked to weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay and gum disease, along with other health problems.

The World Health organisation has advised us to have no more than six teaspoons of sugar each day.

AXA PPP healthcare suggests some small lifestyle changes that can help you to cut excess sugar from your diet:

  • Don’t take sugar in hot drinks
  • Cook from scratch so that you know how much sugar is going into your food
  • Swap sugary snacks for rice cakes or oatcakes
  • Drink more water as dehydration can make people feel hungry
  • Eat fruit whole

It is important to note, however, that sugar can be addictive and cutting it out completely can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, tiredness, headaches and irritability.

For more information on sugar and the it’s effects on health click on the AXA PPP healthcare icon below or visit the Action Sugar website.

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