Employee Motivation: The importance of creating trust

4 August 2015

If you are looking to boost employee motivation, building up mutual trust between managers and workers is essential.

The question is, are you encouraging an environment of trust within your workplace?

1. Are employees allowed to work flexible hours or from home?

a) Yes. By giving workers a degree of control over their working hours and location you are showing them you trust them.

b) No. It might be worth reconsidering your policy on flexible working. Trusting people to manage their own workloads can help boost their performance.

2. Do you offer staff opportunities for further training and development?

a) Yes. Research shows the employees who feel challenged are often more productive.

b) No. You may wish to assess the training opportunities you offer. The workplace is constantly evolving and your workers’ skills need regularly updating to ensure they are keeping pace.

3. Do you have a system which allows employee to provide feedback or put their ideas forward?

a) Yes. Listening to people’s views in the workplace makes them feel recognised and appreciated.

b) No. If workers feel unable to air their views then they can feel unrecognised and threatened. Introducing a system where they can feed back on company issues and make suggestions could help boost morale and trust levels.

4. Are job roles clearly defined?

a) Yes. If workers have a clear sense of purpose they are more likely to be engaged and productive.

b) No. If workers are unsure what their contribution is, they can feel threatened and their performance is negatively impacted.

The Jacobs model below has been devised by an employee engagement expert and identifies eight drivers of trust. Combined with a number of environmental factors can have a significant impact on employees’ wellbeing.

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