Meat Free Week 23-29 March 2015

23 March 2015

Compassion in World Farming-the world’s leading farm animal welfare organisation-is challenging people to go meat free this week.

There are several proven health benefits of reducing the amount of red meat consumed such as:

There is a compound called cartinine in red meat which has been found to harden and clog arteries. Researchers found that the increased carnitine levels predicted increased risks for cardiovascular disease.

A study has also found an association with red meat consumption and increased risk of a shortened lifespan. Eating healthier protein such as nuts and legumes was associated with a lower risk of mortality.

On another note, livestock require much more land, food, water and energy than plants to raise and transport. Cutting out or reducing meat consumption will also help the environment. There is also the factor of unnecessary animal cruelty within the meat industry which is often overlooked.

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