Mediatation could help 8 million conquer pain of migraines

23 September 2014

Daily meditation may be the most effective way of tackling migraine.  Doctors say it can provide instant relief and be a better alternative to painkillers.

The ancient yoga-style technique lowers the number of attacks and reduces the agonising symptoms without any nasty side-effects, a study found.

The revelation will bring hope to Britain’s eight million migraine sufferers.  Patients take 25 million days off work or school each year because of attacks, costing the economy an estimated £7 billion.

Researchers found those who meditated had migraines that were shorter and not as bad as ones they usually experienced.

They used the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) technique, a healing practice developed by a doctor which is based on yoga and meditation.

Source: Express

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