One in three people born in the UK in 2015 could get dementia

21 September 2015

This time last year, Laura of SJA International took part in the Bristol Half Marathon raising essential funds for The Alzheimer’s Society.

One year on, Alzheimer’s Research UK has released an alarming statement highlighting that one in three people born in the UK this year are projected to develop dementia in their lifetime. The charity commissioned the Office of Health Economics to make the projections. It predicted that:

  • 32% of people born in the UK in 2015 will get dementia in their lifetime
  • 27% of men and 37% of women would get the condition

Age is the biggest risk factor for dementia and rising life expectancy could increase the number of people living with the condition. Other factors which have been linked to the condition are heart disease, diabetes, smoking and lack of exercise. More than 800,000 people in this country are already affected by the disease.

Use the following link for more key facts, signs and symptoms, treatment and care, risk factors and prevention from The World Health Organisation.

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