National Glaucoma Awareness Week - 04 June 2018

31 May 2018

The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) runs its own national public awareness week in June:  National Glaucoma Awareness Week.  It highlights a topical and relevant issue based on the calls that they receive to their helpline.  This year IGA will be focusing on glaucoma and relatives and the need for regular eye health checks.

Glaucoma is the name given to a group of eye conditions in which the main nerve to the eye (the optic nerve) is damaged where it leaves the eye.  This nerve carries information about what is being seen from the eye to the brain and as it becomes damaged vision is lost.  This results in misty and patchy vision, with eventual loss of central vision, although this is rare.

Although any vision which has been lost to glaucoma cannot be recovered, with early diagnosis, careful monitoring and regular use of treatments, the vast majority of people retain useful sight for life.  The only way to know if you have glaucoma is to have your eyes checked at your local optometrist (optician). 

For more details please visit the IGA website 

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