10 ways to incorporate fitness and exercise into the workplace


1  Create flexible working hours

Allow your employees the time and freedom to incorporate fitness into their working day

2  Set up a sports team or advertise local sports teams

Offer the chance to bond with co-workers and exercise at the same time!

3  Participate in a sporting event

A 5k run or obstacle challenge gives employees the opportunity to work towards a common goal

4  On-site yoga classes

Inviting a yoga instructor in to the office can be a cost-effective way to provide low intensity exercise to all

5  Use wearables

Set up company-wide step challenges and a leaderboard to encourage healthy competition!

6  Walking meetings

Fit in 30 minutes of exercise whilst enjoying the fresh air

7  Keep an activity box in the office

Filling it with footballs, Frisbees and volleyballs might just inspire the workforce to get out and about

8  Encourage people to take the stairs

Handy reminders in the elevators or posters in reception can burn those extra calories

9  Cycle to work initiatives

Encourage employees to add exercise in to their commute and give them lockers, showers and bike locks to do so

10  Don't isolate those less active

By using words such as 'activity' rather than 'exercise' you can help to include everyone

Source:  Bupa

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