13 Foods to Boost your Mood


13 foods to improve your mood.  Add these to your shop t bring a little joy to your plate!


Supply you with Complex Carbs.  Carbs help boost levels of serotonin, which promotes positive feelings  so make them a breakfast staple


Supplies you with Chromium.  Chromium supports insulin function, which helps regulate your blood sugar


Supplies you with Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1, or thiamine, helps you maintain a balanced mood - reduced levels can coincide with feelings of anxiety and depression

Dried Apricots

Supply you with Iron.  Iron has multiple roles in the body, and a healthy iron intake can reduce the risk of anaemia, typified by fatigue and low mood

Sunflower Seeds

Supply you with Vitamin B6.  Vitamin B6 is directly involved in the manufacture of neurotransmitters involved in mood and anxiety

Brazil Nuts

Supply you with Selenium.  Selenium is a trace mineral that's essential for cognitive function, although we only need small amounts of it.  Eating just one brazil nut a day will raise selenium levels in the blood


Supplies you with Omega 3.  Omega 3 fats can help maintain mood and combat depression

Beef and Oysters

Supply you with Zinc.  Zinc is an essential mineral that's needed for the body's immune system to work properly.  One lean rib-eye fillet steak should provide 14mg zinc


Supply you with Vitamin B2.  Deficiency of vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, can result in a lack of energy as your ability to absorb carbohydrates, fats and proteins is zapped.  Eggs are a great source of B2 and eating two a day will supply around a third of your daily requirements

Shitake Mushrooms

Supply you with Vitamin D.  Shitake mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D - you can even increase levels by exposing them to direct sunlight for at least 30 minutes before eating


Supply you with Folate. Folate is sometimes referred to as Vitamin B9 and increased levels can help improve your mood.

Pumpkin Seeds

Supply you with Magnesium.  Magnesium regulates adrenaline, which is essential for energy, and eating just two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds will supply a fifth of your daily intake.  Magnesium is also found in green vegetables, beans and cocoa

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