Top ways to stay healthy in winter


Many people dread the onset of the winter months – it conjures up images of bad weather, colds and flu.  However, winter can be a good time to boost your immunity, strengthen your resilience and generally improve your wellbeing.

There are may practical things we can do to bolster our resistance to infection as well as take care of our psychological wellbeing.

Top Tips for Winter Health

  • A diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains will boost your immunity and promote good digestion
  • Avoid processed foods and reduce fat, sugar and salt intake
  • To obtain a well-functioning immune system avoid leftovers, preservatives and “junk” food.  All of these items will deplete your body’s natural protection system.  “Fresh is best” is a good rule of thumb
  • Pay attention to your skin and hair – they need more nourishment in cold temperatures.  Choose quality conditioners and creams.  This applies to men and women!
  • Try to maintain a regular routine – continued late nights and overwork can have long term effects on our general health
  • Take some form of exercise every day if possible.  Exercise boosts immunity, aids digestion and produces “feel good” endorphins
  • Drink plenty of good quality water.  Alcohol and caffeine have a detrimental effect on the way the body absorbs vitamins and minerals
  • If you are particularly prone to minor infections a multivitamin tablet may help or why not investigate alternative or homeopathic remedies
  • Find a healthy form of relaxation which will enhance your wellbeing such as swimming, massage or walking in daylight hours

You might want to consider taking a holiday abroad during the winter months as there is evidence that winter sunshine can improve our general health and lift our mood.

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